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What a man Like this,Feeding Human Shit to human


A college student, her father and grandmother were accused of feeding a human shit on Saturday for premeditating. The incident took place in The Jazira Upazila in Sharyatpur. The girl’s father has filed a case against 9 people to the Jazeera police station. Police have not arrested anyone yet.

The victims’ families complained that the incident was led by local Jalil Sikdar and Aynal Haque Due to the dispute over the land. The college student said, ‘The three families were fed the human shit, how hostile is this?

‘ “It’s been 15 years of my medical career,” Jazira Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer Mahmoudul Hassan said I have never seen a human being do this kind of inhumane. 10 medical personnel from the health complex have been treated by the emergency department. The family members took them home yesterday evening after they felt a little better. They are in serious mental trauma.’

Police and local sources in Jazeera station said the victim was a van driver in the profession. Local Jalil Sikdar has long been in dispute over the land. Jalil suddenly started preaching in the village that the van driver was doing black magic to harm people. He has to feed the human shit to fix it.

At 6 am on Saturday, 8 to 10 people, led by Jalil Sikdar and Aynal Haque, went to the van driver’s house. He brings him out of the house and he eats the human shit. After that, the girl in her graduating class was also given a shit. The mother of the man was also given a shit when she came to prevent him. They were beaten. Later, family members rescued the three and took them to the Jazeera Upazila Health Complex.

The college student said at the Jazeera Upazila Health Complex last Saturday, “How can a human behave in this inhuman manner? Jalil and Ainal hold my father’s hands and feet and feed him. I went ahead. I’ve got their feet. But they didn’t listen to me. Then I fainted. ‘

The van driver said, “Is this the enmity that people have with people? I had a conflict, beat me. That is why people can be so inhuman.

He demanded severe punishment for them. Asim Jalil Shikdar claims that the van driver killed Aqon’s brother-in-law in black. Anwar asked us to do this. And Ainal Haque said, “There is no conflict with me. The villager decided to feed him the human shit.

“The officer in charge of the Jazeera station (OC) Mo. Azharul Islam confirmed the news and said, “The police were immediately rushed to the incident. Police have been sent to the immediate area. The arrest of the Militants is on. ‘

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