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Three hundred light-years away, ‘Finding the planet that is inhabited!

A habitable planet has been found 300 light-years away from Earth. Scientists found it using data from the Naw-Dade Telescope. It is said that a large planet of earth size can be ‘sustainable’ for humans.

A group of trans-Atlantic scientists say that the planet, known as Kepler-Onesixfourninec, may have a temperature similar to earth. Looking at the Kepler space telescope’s data on the 2018 mission, Thomas Zurbachen, associate administrator of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, said it was really interesting. We hope that there is a second world among the stars.

According to NASA, the planet receives 75 percent of the light that the earth receives from the sun. Its host wire is a red dwarf. We have mild eras. There is liquid water. And water means people can live there. The scientists’ findings were published in the astrophysical journal Letters. It is a kind of science journal that publishes important major research in the short notice of astronomers.

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