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Shops and Shopping Malls open May 10.Both the buyer and the seller must wear mask-hand gloves. 

Dhaka Businesses, shops, and shopping malls across the country are being closed for the first time since May 10. However, no buyer can enter the shop and shop without a mask. Vendors also have to wear masks and hand gloves.  However, the Ministry of Interior has sent a letter to the Director-General of police, the B.B.I. and the Coast Guard and the Director-General of Ansar and VDP, in order to get the business to be run. The letter was sent to the Ministry of Public Safety on Tuesday.

The letter said the government has decided to introduce a limited number of businesses, shops, shopping malls in different districts/agencies of the country from May 10. However, the markets, business centers, shops, and shops should be restricted from 10 am to 4 pm. However, hawkers, ferrymen, and temporary shops cannot be allowed to sit on the pavement or in public places.

The Health and Family Welfare Ministry has to follow the health rules announced, including the use of hand sanitizer for access to the shopping mall. No buyer can enter the store without wearing a mask. The instructions say that all shop employees must wear masks and hand gloves. The letter said that the concerned police commissioners, district administrators, and police supers in each metropolitan area and district city will discuss and divide the zones as needed to the customers and vendors.

Besides, inter-state communication/public transport must be strictly controlled. This means that one person in one district cannot travel to another district. No one can come out of the house without an urgent need from 8 am to 6 pm. However, transport will continue on roads and waterways for emergency services, agricultural products, food items, export goods, medicines, etc.

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