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Several Stars have been Detained in Corona, Abroad


Several stars have been detained in Corona, abroad. They have no way back until the situation is normal. So, they are searching for the country and their families.

Bipasha Hayat Detained in New York

Bipasha Hayat, is now in New York. From there he is looking for families in Bangladesh, handling everything. In the video message, he is constantly searching for the husband Taukir Ahmed and other family members as is also a warning about the corona. When asked how time is going on abroad, the actor, playwright, and painter said, “I am reading stories and poetry books. I’m trying to learn about the history of humanity. I’ve been painting a lot of times. I’m doing some exercise, listening to music, and this is how time is running out. ‘

Susana Zafar, Detained in Dubai

Susana Zafar a model and actress, went to Dubai on March 18 for business. There are some members of his family. He thought he would return home after a few days with family members after his business. He had a number of important tasks in the country, including the Pohela Boyshak and  EID. But that didn’t happen again. The day after Sujana went there, Dubai went on lockdown to prevent the coronavirus from March 19. So, Susana got stuck there. He said in the handphone “It’s been a good time with the family. I’m giving myself time. I’m doing my own thing. Time is running out to cook and pray. I’ve stood by many migrant workers. I’m careful to do that. I remember the country. I don’t know when I’ll be back.

Tania Ahmed, Detained in the United States,

Tania Ahmed went to the United States for personal work. The plan was to return home in May. But the situation in Corona has left the country on lockdown. The actress does not know if she can return home in due situation. He is the most unconscious of the people of the country. Tania says, “I’m always looking for the country. Many people in the country are still not taking the coronavirus. It’s very painful. They might think for a moment that nothing will happen. No, I want it. But once the epidemic is in place, can we cope?’

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