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The first phase of trial of corona vaccine discovered by Globe Biotech Limited

The first phase of trial of corona vaccine Discovered by Globe Biotech Limited,one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh has been completed. The officials made the demand at a press conference at the company’s office in the capital’s Tejgoan on Thursday. The current state of the Globe Biotech Limited …

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01 APR 2020    POSTED BY SAM FIELD [CNN] Science and the Soul The most brilliant scientists and engineers build a car. It’s beautiful, a piece of art, painted brightly, accented with chrome. An electric motor, the latest in computerized skid control, ABS brakes, regenerative braking, proximity, and blind-spot alerts, self-parking …

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Coronavirus: Corona can Come Back

The spread of the coronavirus in New York, USA, is increasing. The governor said yesterday local time that the number of deaths and new hospitalizations in the coronavirus has decreased. However, the US Surgeon General said that the spread of corona may increase in the coming weeks. The top doctor …

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What is H2O and Formula?   H2O is water. The H is hydrogen. The 2 indicates that one molecule of water contains 2 hydrogen atom. The O indicates oxygen. There is one number of oxygen present. so there is just one oxygen and 2 hydrogen atom in a water molecule. …

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