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Kaushani will open the restaurant after Lockdown

There are many people who could not do much of their choice due to lack of time. Many are finding positivity even in this life of house arrest in difficult situations around the world. One of them is the popular Bengali actress Kaushani Mukherji.

Kaushani said, I love cooking. I decided to try to cook a variety of fancy, like baking. I’ve never tried baking in fear. But I learned a lot of new cooking in this lockdown. Many have suggested I open the restaurant. I thought I’d open a restaurant once everything was normal. I also posted a few cooking videos on social media.

He said, “I made a return that day, everyone liked it. I made The Motons Rogan Josh, Shahi Cheese, Chicken Nawab Dal, Polao, and so on. I’ve been with my mother,  even made a Blow, and I’ve been told how much. In The words of Kaushani, yes, it is important to eat at this time, and to be healthy.

This time, I’m doing online yoga classes with trainers 3-4 days a week. I’m doing cardio on the terrace

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