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Tanjin Tisha

How to spend Time in Lockdown : Tanjin Tisha

Tanjin Tisha shot the last of the 18 March. He has been in prison since the next day. It’s been over a month. He doesn’t have a habit of living in a house for so long. So he is experiencing new experiences every day at home. Tisha is adding herself to a variety of activities at home to spend time doing. He’s watching drama and movies every day. The actress is also feeling bored in her life.


It’s been more than a month. How are you passing the time?

The last shot was a play called ‘Breakup List 2’. I’ve been in the house ever since. I tried to learn to cook at home at first. I’m too much to collect shoes. A lot of costumes for acting. Everything was random for a long time because of the busy shooting. Shoes, clothes. Still running. I’m cleaning my own house every day. I’ll do a half-hour of gym. I see movies, web series. I’m trying to read the book. I’m trying to keep myself light by talking to acquaintances who were previously on the phone.

What kind of movies are you watching?

I’m watching movies and series like Hollywood, Bollywood. We’ve seen a lot of drama in our country. But I think it’s a bit romantic, a little comedy-style movie, and series on the day of the disaster. I’m thinking I’ll see from now on.

How scared are you with the coronavirus?

When we were caught here, We didn’t give much importance. I thought things would be normal in a few days. But the spread is increasing day by day. It has increased the fear of itself. The biggest panic drug has not been discovered yet. So I’m following all the rules of prevention that don’t take your family home. The disaster may come. So everyone should follow the rules of the World Health Organization. If you create a safe situation, the family will be safe. It will keep the whole country safe.

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