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History of Civilization

Part of the Egyptian Civilization-inspire Photo

Searching for a home started with the advent of life on earth. Both men and animals were equally after it. while ants caves, bee’s honeycomb with uniform hexagonal shape and tailor birds nest wearing skills are amazing to the Architect and Engineers of all Ages. But Their house remains in the same shape as it was in pre-historic days.

on the other hand, Man’s house has continuously undergone a change towards better living. A present-day house differs entirely from that of the ancient Age. The cage has now turned into a lovely palace. But this was not achieved in a day. it has been earned with the advancement of science and technology through different ages. worth mentioning are:

1. Old Stone age
2. New Stone age
3. Bronze age
4. Iron age

Huts In the Forest-inspire file photo

Archeology proves that human civilization was founded at least tow millions of years AGO. It has passed through the old Stone Age when man lived in caves, on tres, and in pits in the earth. The reason for Iraq and West Asia and the Chinese used to prepare tent-like huts with the help of animal skin, bones, and tree branches. This age is also known as ice age on earth.
City of Perga

It started about 20,000 years ago. Due to a shortage of animals for hunting, the man started searching for weeds to satisfy his hunger, such as grass was the forefather of paddy and barley. 1st urban civilization started to grow up during this age. Man-made his first city in West Asia during this age.

compass-inspire file photo

As Arabs Invented glass while from Cooking and in the dessert. The people of west invented bronze from copper and tin both the metals were available on earth’s surface. Many civilizations like the Sumerian civilization, Babylon Civilization, Assyrian civilization was sprung up in Mesopotamia (present Iraq).
Babylon and in Asur in West Asia during the Age. Dried brick was first invented by the Sumerians. They made it permanent by burning. They Invented writing with the help of the picture called ‘Cuneiform”.
Writing engraved on earthen plates. They used to cultivate by irrigation and cultured Astronomy. Latitude and Longitude were invented during this time. Hanging garden of Babylon of this age. This was created by King Nebuchadnezzar to please his Queen.

With the invention of the iron which was cheaper than bronze civilization grew faster in china. Egypt, Greece, Syria, Turkey Persia, and Indus valley. The Hittites were first to invent the iron in 2300 B.C. The Finish, Greek, Chinese, America, Cardio, Egypt ion Hittite Lidia Persian Crete, and Indus civilization were the footstep of human knowledge to present Atomic and Electric Age.
The Frisians were the first to invent vocabulary with the help of 22 pictures Greeks developed it into the fledged alphabet and all other alphabets were made accordingly.

Chinese invented paper, sculpture, compass, magnet and printing, Great wall of china was made in the 4th century B.C. when is one of the oldest wonder of the world.
Egyptian civilization was enriched in Arithmetic, Geometry, Medicine, and Astronomy. They made the pyramid to preserve the dead bodies of the kings. The pyramid is wondered creation of this civilization.
In Mexico and South America, Maya, Inka Ajtake civilization made Lofty building and suspension bridge for communication.
The Persian was also much advanced in construction Lofty palaces and roads and introduced gold and silver coins.

House of Different Country

Bee’s and sparrows are the nature’s architects. Well shaped formulated hexagons of bee’s nest and weaving ability of tailor bird in making his house might have inspired man to build his own house. Houses of different tribes and ages are briefly described here.
• Caves: is the man’s pre-historic house in the primitive age.
• Lake dwellings of Switzerland: Piled up boats over lakes were in use in Switzerland.
• Humbles of Australia: Aboriginal make such house out of wood buckles and leaves humpies.
• Honey comb houses of Peru and west Africa: Red Indians prepare such houses out of straw.
• Igloo of Greenland: Igloo is a houses of ice.
• Houses of Jaluo tribe of Africa: Jaluo’s house is made of wood and straw.
• Wigwam of America: Wigwam is a house of wooden frame.
• Tepu of America: is a tent made of grass.
• Boat house of china: Individual Boat for each family similar to that of Switzerland where rows of Boats were in use as a family dwelling.
• Straw made house: Are used by South Americans.
• Earthen house of West Africa: Is conical in shape, lofty in height and is comfortable to live in.

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