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Domestic violence is on the rise in the world during Coronation period: Guterres

UN chief António Guterres is calling for measures to address a “ global domestic violence” directed towards women and girls, linked to lockdowns imposed by governments responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

When the world is dealing with coronavirus prevention efforts in a variety of ways, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called attention to something different. That is, during these disasters, domestic violence against women is on the rise. Where they are supposed to be the safest at this time, it has become disgusting for women. He also called on the states to incorporate the coronavirus strategy into it.

In a statement, the UN Secretary-General called on the news agency, AFP reported Monday. The video has been released in multiple languages. The UN Secretary-General has again called on rising parties to declare a ceasefire during the disaster.

The UN Secretary-General said economic and social pressure has increased in the last few weeks. Panic has increased among the people. At the same time, domestic violence has increased. The government plans to tackle coronavirus, as well as preventing domestic violence against women.

The UN Secretary-General stressed the need for urgent care in drug stores and grocery stores, so that women can seek emergency services to the state, avoiding their victims. “The way we are working together to combat Corona, if we work, we will prevent violence everywhere from the battlefield to the people’s homes,” he said. This is what we must do to bring peace to our homes worldwide. ‘

UN domestic violence reduction recommendations

  • Increase investment in online services and civil society organizations,
  • Make sure judicial systems continue to prosecute abusers,
  • Set up emergency warning systems in pharmacies and groceries,
  • Declare shelters as essential services,
  • Create safe ways for women to seek support, without alerting their abusers,
  • Avoid releasing prisoners convicted of violence against women in any form,
  • Scale-up public awareness campaigns, particularly those targeted at men and boys.

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