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Disha Patni

Disha Patani dances in the Song of Beyonce


Bollywood star Disha Patni is busy with how to entertain viewers on the lockdown. Nora Fatehi danced a few days ago in the song of Beyonce. This time, the discussion is over.

Already inspired by the disa, many girls are trying to follow the dance moves. “I am trying to keep the fans from despairing,” says Disha. Not everyone will see this video. But those who like my work will probably see. We need to be more focused than despair ingest our prison time.

Day after day, warnings are being issued in the lockdown all over the world. The stars are also warning. Everyone in the entertainment world has taken adequate steps to warn. Every day, he posts on social media trying to convince the public about the importance of lockdown. But he is also being entertained.

Celebrities regularly post pictures and videos of their homework on social media.

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