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China-Iran friendship,Discomfort in the United States.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. photo-AFP

China-Iran friendship, Discomfort in the United States.

The United States began fighting on two fronts simultaneously this year. China on one side and Iran on the other. Just as the United States sought to isolate China in the name of a trade war, Trump also planned to corner Iran by assassinating Kashem Solaimani. Now China and Iran are shaking hands. And the folds of Trump’s forehead are growing!

According to recent reports in various international media, China and Iran are considering concluding a strategic partnership agreement for about 25 years. Under the deal, China will invest 400 billion in Iran. Xi Jinping’s country will invest this huge amount of money in various sectors of Iran, including energy, ports, military and information technology. Instead, China will continue to receive an adequate supply of oil and gas for 25 years at a lower exchange rate.

An 18-page document on the deal has been leaked to the Internet. It has been seen that the draft proposal mentions the date of June. According to Iranian media reports, President Hassan Rouhani has already agreed to the draft agreement. The deal will now be taken up in Iran’s parliament for approval. Once approved, a formal agreement will be signed. Last week, however, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javed Zarif acknowledged that the agreement had been drafted. He said talks are underway with China on this.

Meanwhile, China has some reservations about this. Last week, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian was questioned by reporters. Zhao did not say anything directly about the deal. “China and Iran have traditionally had friendly relations and the two sides are now working to improve bilateral relations,” he said, adding that “we are ready to work with Iran to gradually improve the real cooperation.

Such an agreement between China and Iran would bring a new dimension to global politics. The journey of a new world order will begin. Because, for so long, the United States has thought that holding Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates in hand would make it easier to turn the stick in the Arab world.

There was also a lack of real rivals in this case. But a China-Iran friendship would set foot in a new world power in the Middle East. This will increase China’s influence in the economic and trade sectors as well as in military matters. If Chinese influence grows in Iran’s ports, the United States will face stiff competition in the Persian Gulf.

Strict economic sanctions have been imposed on Iran since the assassination of Kashem Solaimani and the US-Iranian counter-attack. However, the main quarrel between the United States and Iran started earlier. The two sides have been at loggerheads since Trump removed the United States from a six-nation deal with Iran to curb its nuclear program. Then came a series of sanctions on Iran.

Fighting between the United States and Iran over the assassination of Qasim Solaimani earlier this year has escalated into a gun battle. The sword of sanctions falls on Iran again. Iran has not yet come out of its wrath.

In the meantime, a new coronavirus epidemic has appeared around the world. Amid various economic sanctions, the wheel of Iran’s economy has almost come to a standstill due to the coronavirus epidemic. Analysts say the deal with China would be a “life-saving drug” for Iran. China’s cooperation in the IT sector will be beneficial for Iran.

According to documents leaked to the Internet, the agreement also allows for the exchange of intelligence between China and Iran. Again, the possibility of Chinese weapons and technology falling into the hands of Iran cannot be ruled out. In this case, the arms embargo imposed on Iran by the UN Security Council has been an obstacle.

The ban is valid till October this year. The Trump administration is trying to extend the ban. And China has already been left out. China’s envoy to the United Nations, Zhang Jun, has recently sharply criticized the United States for not concluding a nuclear deal with Iran. China also thwarted a US attempt to extend an arms embargo on Iran.

The main negotiations of this agreement between Iran and China started in 2016. Since then, China has been trying to bring Iran into the bag. It is believed that he saw the light of hope during the Coronation period. Ali Alfoneh, a senior fellow at the Arab Gulf States Institute, thinks Iran is now leaning towards China in the face of continued US pressure. Hassan Rouhani’s country has chosen this path mainly to maintain its existence.

However, such “cooperation” with China could in many cases be a “leak”. As part of the Belt and Road Initiative, China has already invested in various countries. And many countries have been trapped in debt at one time. Will it be the same in Iran? The answer is, the risk is much higher. Critics of the government inside Iran are already warning of such a deal.

Former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said last month that the country’s current leadership was gradually removing such an important deal from the nation’s eyes. He thinks that the proposed treaty is similar to the treaty of Tsarist Russia with the then ruler of Persia in 1826. Critics say the 1826 treaty reduced the authority of the Persian Gulf rulers over the South Caucasus. Hassan Rouhani’s government is not able to handle the situation in the country very well.

Iran is somewhat lost in the economic and cowardly crisis. Analysts say it could be difficult for Hassan Rouhani to get the draft agreement passed in parliament. If there is a partnership agreement between China and Iran, it will bring a new dimension to global politics. The journey of a new world order will begin.

However, Iran has no way out of the current economic crisis without being dependent on China. Meanwhile, the United States is also in the Great Facade. Because China-Iran unification means a huge crack in the wall of US domination in the Arab world.

Some say there is only one way to get Iran out of China. If the United States lifts economic sanctions on Iran quickly, the deal with China could be delayed. Who doesn’t know, however, that such a decision would come as a surprise from the Trump administration after the mission to assassinate Qasim Solaimani?

It remains to be seen whether Tehran and Beijing will eventually become one. If one does, it will leave the Trump administration’s policy unproven.

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