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Alia Bhatt

Alia Disobey Lockdown on the street

Allia Bhatt-Bollywood actress

Bollywood star Alia Bhatt was having a day of excitement with her father Mahesh Bhatt and mother Sony Rajdan. Because of Corona. Somehow the virus should not infect his parents, So Alia walked to them on foot to see her parents under disobeys lockdown.

Allia Bhatt-Bollywood actress

All are under house arrest because of the lockdown. The B-town stars are no exception. Alia was at home away from her parents. However, according to the critics, the B-town girl lives with her boyfriend, Ranveer Kapoor. He was in a state of fear of his parents, wherever he was. He shared his concern on social media a few days ago. This time, Alia went to their home in the lockdown to see her parents. His father Mahesh Bhatt himself reported it. “We met recently. He (Alia) lives some distance away. His area is very safe.

Allia Bhatt-Bollywood actress

So he came here on foot, wearing masks and gloves. Not only that, but he was also sitting a long distance away from us so that his parents would not be harmed. The director of the film ‘Sad’ also said that he was proud to see Alia performing such a social duty. Alia is a very beautiful daughter of her father. Earlier, Alia had worried about her father and said, ‘The coronavirus is becoming increasingly dangerous. My father is about seventy years old. That’s why I’m always worried about him.

Allia Bhatt-Bollywood actress

I’m getting nervous about the situation. I always tell him not to give his hand to his mouth, not to do it. A few days ago, Alia posted an old photo of her with her father Mahesh Bhatt on Instagram. The black and white image showed Alia’s head on her father’s chest. Below the picture, Alia wrote, “Stay home.” And whenever you remember your father, post an old picture.

Allia Bhatt-parents

Alia has multiple films in her hand. The work of the ‘Brahmastra’ is almost over. He will also be seen in the films ‘Sarok Two’, ‘Gonggubai Kathiawari’, ‘Takht’, ‘RRR’.

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